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Beyond the Medal of Honor

 The Tawas Bay Furniture Company is proud to offer for sale the documentary "Beyond the Medal of Honor" in VHS and DVD format. This film, first aired on PBS,  pays tribute to our nation's finest heroes.

The Medal of Honor is America's highest award for valor in combat. This documentary provides an in-depth look at four of America's greatest heroes whose actions earned them the Medal of Honor:

  • The Fighter- Bill Crawford- World War II
  • The Captain- Carl Sitter- Korea
  • The Lieutenant- Jerry Murphy- Korea
  • The Green Beret- Drew Dix- Vietnam
Also available is a companion book by Medal of Honor recipient Peter C. Lemon, Beyond the Medal which tells, in their own words, the heartfelt stories and experiences of more than 90 recipients of the Medal of Honor.

For every DVD or VHS set purchased, $5.00 will be contributed to a fund to help maintain the Veterans Memorial Flag in Tawas City.

5 Disk set- $59.95 plus shipping

5 Tape set- $59.95 plus shipping

$29.95 plus shipping

Click here to play the Beyond the Medal trailer. (Windows Media file- 6.8 MB)

Click here for a printable order form.

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